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Design & Development


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Performance Medical Solutions was bidding on a $6million+ RFP for a large healthcare system in Southern California. Medical device companies often go into these meetings with an incomplete picture of what exactly hospitals are needing. This makes it exceedingly difficult to prepare a custom presentation; and, thumbing through hundreds of slides to answer specific questions is an awkward, disengaging solution. This problem presented an opportunity for us to create something more exciting and interactive than the standard presentation deck.

I worked with the Performance Medical Team to created a presentation microsite that would effectively express the breadth of their portfolio and differentiate them from their competitors. The microsite allowed them to adapt, on the fly, to the customers expressed needs- rather than being tied to the linear nature of a traditional presentation, it put the customer in control of the conversation.

You enter the microsite as if you are entering the lobby of a hospital, where you can decide which department to enter- Operating Room, Emergency Department, Labor and Delivery, etc. When you enter into a department you are able to see relevant products, their images and specifications, as well as product demo videos and standard CAD designs. If you need to pivot to another department you can simply return to the lobby and navigate to your destination in a matter of seconds.

This project became the guiding concept for my work with Skytron.

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